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Celebrate Black History Month with BSA!

By: Haanya Quadri

When most people think of the month of February, images of red and pink valentines usually come to mind. However, February is also Black History Month, an important time that we as students can use to educate ourselves about the major contributions of black people throughout history.

It is important to recognize the ways in which black people have contributed to our country, today and in the past. Firstly, African Americans were truly the ones who made America what it is today, a beautiful melting pot of people from across the globe. Today, they continue to contribute to pop culture in a myriad of ways. Yet, black people have been systematically discriminated against, and even today black people continue to be courageous in the face of racism and bigotry. Omnia Mamyo, the president of the Black Student Alliance here at Wheaton North, remarks, “To me, BHM is acknowledging what it means to be Black; It's acknowledging the hardships that black people have faced not just in America, but in the World. It's recognizing that despite all the obstacles that have been placed before us, as a people, we can and will continue to succeed.”

The BSA will be hosting events to celebrate Black History Month at the end of February. The BSA will conduct a movie night on February 23 and an open mic night on February 24 where participants can play instruments, dance, sing, perform comedy skits, and more. However, if you can not make it to these events, there are still ways you can celebrate Black History Month individually. “Learning about black historical figures that aren't typically talked about is a great way to celebrate BHM. Another great way to celebrate BHM is finding contemporary, more modern works of art and literature [by black authors] and talking about them, bringing them to light,” adds Omnia.

Black History Month is a time to look back and appreciate the powerful black figures that shaped, and continue to shape, our history. As Maya Angelou wisely observed, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

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