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Book Review: Twilight

By: Haley Troha

You’ve probably heard of Twilight, by Stephanie Meyer, and you have also probably heard a lot of negative and condescending comments about it as well. I went into the book, expecting the worst, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. While I would agree that it is a rather strange, and maybe poorly-written book, it was overall worth it in the end. The plot, which centers around Bella Swan and her relationship with the paranormal Edward Cullen, has unexpected depth as well as adventure. I won’t lie - it is a very romance-focused novel - but it is something that I think everyone should at least give a try, as it is a very famous part of young adult literature, and gives a unique perspective on human nature. Overall, I would give it a solid ⅗ rating, but don’t let that stop you from trying this modern classic.

*Twilight was also the Wheaton North Book Club’s pick for their December reading! If you are interested in book discussions and reading, Book Club meets one Tuesday per month. Book Club info is available on the LLC site. Also, students can stop by and make book requests with Mrs. Pigoni or anyone at the front desk at any time. The LLC's eBooks/Audiobooks and library book catalog are accessible 24/7, so Falcons can also check for great books there.

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