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Book Review: Girl in Pieces

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

By: Haley Troha

Girl in Pieces, by Kathleen Glasgow, is one of the best and most powerful books I have ever read. In a deeply moving story, Glasgow paints a picture of loss, love, trauma, and the dangers of self-hate. Charlie Davis, unhoused at almost eighteen year old, has a history of losing things: her father, her mother’s love, her best friend. Put into a mental hospital after going over the edge, she struggles to find a meaning in the things she’s been through. Girl in Pieces follows the long road to her recovery, a moving and emotional story that will have your attention all the way through.

*WARNING* Girl in Pieces has a lot of emotional and traumatic triggers. Please look up the triggers, and do not read anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.

If you are interested in book discussions and reading, Book Club meets one Tuesday per month. Book Club info is available on the LLC site. Also, students can stop by and make book requests with Mrs. Pigoni or anyone at the front desk at any time. The LLC's eBooks/Audiobooks and library book catalog are accessible 24/7, so Falcons can also check for great books there.

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