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Artist Spotlight-Megan Loftus

By: Paige Terpstra

Megan Loftus is a senior who is part of Wheaton North’s AP studio program this year. She has developed a truly unique style, and is especially skilled in digital arts and animation! The piece pictured is her first completed studio project.

“It's supposed to be an ethereal/monstrous depiction of Albert Einstein,” Megan explains. “It's heavily inspired by biblically accurate angels in order to convey an otherworldliness, and the rings/eyes are arranged in a pattern to convey an atom.”

Through this compelling digital piece, Megan combines elements of science, history, and the supernatural in ways one may not expect. Her work displays how art can bridge together concepts that may seem abstract to one another in order to explore a strong or intriguing idea. With its bold colors and alluring design, this creation is certain to draw your eye!

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