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Artist Spotlight- Lulu Bucheit

By: Paige Terpstra

Wheaton North Senior Lulu Bucheit is an accomplished draftsman and sculptor. The two pieces above are some of her work. The first is called “Dare Me?”, which Lulu describes as inspired by a sleepless night.

“I drew this piece thinking about the feeling of being exhausted but unable to sleep. That sort of feeling when the night goes by and you know you have to wake up for your day and feeling standoffish and depleted. I also have nosebleeds a lot and enjoy drawing them in my art, as they give a lot of depth and fun shading opportunities. I felt it added to the piece, trying to convey the image of being drained or depleted even more. It was done in a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and white gel pen. It took about two hours from start to finish. My main mediums are sketching and inking, and I love doing black and white pieces. I do paint sometimes and enjoy pottery, but drawing is my main love.”

The second piece, entitled “Mistakes”, dives even deeper into the realms of emotional expression. Lulu states:

“My second piece is about anxiety and the feeling that you have made too many mistakes to keep going. I wanted to convey emotional nervousness and feeling paralyzed by decisions. I came across this feeling a lot during school and actually drew this piece in class on a bad day. I really enjoy drawing tired eyes, which you can see in the piece. I drew inspiration from one of my favorite artists online, whose style is the new one I tried out in this drawing. It was done in a 0.5mm black ballpoint pen and took about ten minutes to draw. I tried a new style that I ended up liking a lot, sort of a more scribble-based drawing with no guidelines underneath.”

I have a strong appreciation for Lulu’s work, as it is able to capture and convey not only specific emotions but also how we experience these emotions. Her unique, sometimes messy style, void of color, is truly reminiscent of some of the strongest and strangest human emotions. Art can be used in such powerful ways, and Lulu definitely exemplifies that in her work.

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