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Artist Spotlight- Lindsey Allen

By: Paige Terpstra

The colorful, futuristic picture to the left is Wheaton North senior Lindsey Allen’s original artwork entitled “Fleurs.” Lindsey uses color and composition to capture any viewer’s attention and emphasize her theme. As described by the artist herself:

“The theme with my paintings this year is glass and mirrors because they represent reflection and memory. I made “Fleurs” look like a stained glass window to fit the theme. Visually, I just really like the contrast of warm and cool colors, but I think about it like memories. The oranges and yellows of the flowers make it evoke a warm feeling, but it’s tinged with cool colors by the bubbles. I’ve been thinking a lot about how reminiscing on better times is tinged with sadness because it reminds us of what we are missing, how even when you look at the bright side, you can’t ignore what’s wrong, so it’s typical with our world right now.”

“Fleurs” is another exceptional example of how art can symbolize ideas beyond simply paint on canvas. Yet Lindsey reminds us all that art is something within reach of anyone with a voice to be heard:

“I’m not artistically gifted or anything (look closely enough at the painting and you’ll see that), but I still really enjoy painting. My work doesn’t spawn from a super deep concept I want to express or from historical art styles and techniques. I paint what I think looks cool, which is something anyone can do. I think everyone should take an art studio class because it’s important to foster creativity since school (and especially zoom-school) is a very stifling experience. It will challenge you in a way different from anything else because the hardest part is finding the vision for the painting, and you rely on imagination for that. I am a firm believer that you don’t need talent to do art, so the rest of it is just trying your best and having fun.”

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