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Artist Spotlight- Heidi Rominski

By: Paige Terpstra

Check out talented senior Heidi Rominski's work! Her drawing captures diverse textures and shapes and shows off her strengths very well. Heidi describes her piece:

“This skull drawing is one of my first finished pieces I have drawn this year in my Drawing 2 class. It took me around six weeks to finish. I used a reference picture to guide me and Mr. Ness helped me finetune the details and make sure everything was proportional. I like to draw realistically, and this skull gave me the perfect opportunity to do that. I tried to make it seem as life-like as possible by adding shadows and highlights. I am usually the type of person to draw only in shades of bright colors, and I tend to shy away from drawing in one color. However, this drawing forced me to shade in shades of grey and to get out of my comfort zone, which I can really appreciate. It definitely helped me grow as an artist!”

I really appreciate Heidi’s outlook on this project. While it was out of her comfort zone, she used it as an opportunity to become a stronger artist. Heidi’s statement is a reminder to all artists out there that you are never done improving in your skill, and projects like these can really encourage you to grow!

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