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Artist Spotlight- Connor Marks

By: Paige Terpstra

Our first featured photographer, Connor Marks, is a senior at Wheaton North. The photograph above is his very own work- an absolutely breathtaking shot, which is sure to transport any viewer straight to the snowy spot. Here is what Connor has to say about it:

“This photo was taken in Iceland at around midnight. Since it was so dark, I had to use a method of photography called long exposure, where the camera opens its shutter for multiple seconds allowing light to accumulate, resulting in a brighter image.

This photo is actually unique from the rest of my photos, story-wise. I’ve always been one to plan out my shots, taking dozens of photos of the same exact thing, hoping that one would be perfect. However, for this particular image, I simply aimed my camera in the general direction not really expecting anything great out of it. In fact, it didn’t even catch my eye when [I was] looking through all of my photos after the trip. But after a few more months of taking photos, I started to focus on the post-processing aspect of photography, basically how you adjust a photo after taking it to get the finished product. I started to base my editing style [on] some of my favorite adventure photographers, such as Denys Black and Peter McKinnon and went through my albums to try to find new photos to revive via editing. I decided to give this semi-long exposure photo a go and was amazed at how the sky just popped after the color grading, and how the clouds and the cabins complement each other as if they’re layered upon each other. So, I think this photo was sort of a turning point, and now because of it, I give every photo I take a chance.”

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