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Artist Spotlight: Aurora Hone

By: Paige Terpstra

Wheaton North senior Aurora Hone is an accomplished artist and a student in Ms. Daly’s AP Art Studio Class. This is her piece “Disheveled”, which she describes below:

“I drew inspiration from Matthew Sorgie. He did a series of pieces depicting messes and clutter in his day to day life in a really dynamic, colorful way. I also loved his use of limited colors, as shown in how I only used pink and purple. I really like the composition of this piece because of how all the lines flow and interact with each other. It gives the viewer a good sense of how disorganized and messy it is. This painting depicts my desk in its normal state: a mess, cluttered with all of the things I use on a day to day basis. The items displayed are all items I actually keep on my desk (besides the old Coke can of course), and they indicate my actual interests, like making art, listening to music, and pursuing academic interests. The piece also includes an old photo of my siblings and me in the center. This is meant to show how my relationships with friends and family come above all else, even amidst all the chaos.”

“Disheveled” is a compositional masterpiece, capturing any onlooker’s attention through its use of bright and interesting colors. I particularly admire this piece because it exemplifies how artists can draw inspiration from other artists, yet add in their own stories and personalities in the process. Art is truly contagious!

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