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Artist Spotlight- Anna Rominski

By: Paige Terpstra

This breathtaking piece, “Skull Drawing”, is by the exceptional senior Anna Rominski, and her experience and skill definitely shows through this piece. She explains:

“The drawing of the skull was actually a project from class, but I wanted to include it because most of the drawings I like to do involve shading: I like to be able to focus on the details of the drawing like textures and the shapes. Also, after I was finished with the skull, I gave it to my Dad, and it is in his room. He loves skulls and that type of thing, so it was special to be able to give him one of my drawings that I [spent] a lot of time on. One thing I love about art is I can draw for fun and keep it in my sketchbook, or I can share it and connect to others through art.”

One very special thing about art is that it can be a means for connecting with and loving one another. Anna’s drawing and the story behind it displays this impact that art can have in a perfect way!

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