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Artist Spotlight-Abi Laughlin

By: Paige Terpstra

Abi Laughlin is a junior at Wheaton North this year and a gifted artist who is taking part in the school’s AP studio program. The image above is her first project in the class. Entitled “Khuda hafiz”, which means “goodbye”, Abi explains the inspiration behind her piece:

“This painting is a memory of my last few nights in India, where I grew up. I want to show glimpses of my life there. It was my home.

Falling asleep while listening to the qawwali music drifting through my open window from the Sufi shrine below. Looking past the walls and windows of my room. Looking at my neighborhood. I was content, but then it was gone, except for memories.”

Created with watercolor, ink, and chalk pastel, Abi encapsulates a powerful turning point in her life, which is sure to leave any viewer spellbound. Her work stands as a testament to how art can bring people to places which they have never stepped foot in while allowing an artist to share their story in a profound and beautiful way. Thank you, Abi for sharing your talents with us!

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