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AP Exams 2021

By: Haanya Quadri

Across the nation, students are studying hard in preparation for AP exams. These exams test knowledge and skills in an array of subjects, and a good enough score can allow students to redeem college credit for AP courses later on. However, this year, AP exams will look a bit different as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be three testing windows during which students can take their exams: the first at the beginning of May, the second at the end of May, and the third at the beginning of June. Here at Wheaton North, students have the option of taking most of their exams in either the second or third testing window, and nearly all exams will take place online. The AP exam app has been downloaded to Wheaton North school Chromebooks, but students have the option of taking their exams on a personal computer as well. Through the app, students can explore practice tests to simulate the exam to ensure they are well prepared and confident on test day. Unlike last year, when most exams were only one or two free-response questions on material learned up to mid-March, students will need to answer both multiple choice and free response questions on all AP course material as part of almost every AP test.

Here are some tips to help you through your AP journey:

  1. Do not wait until a week before the test to start studying! Space out your study sessions, so you can remember more information come test day.

  2. Use your resources to your advantage. You can view live review sessions on the AP YouTube channel, and remember to ask your teachers for any additional help. You can also purchase AP practice books if need be (I really like the Princeton Review books).

  3. Practice taking exams on the AP app, so you know exactly what the exam will be like.

  4. Make sure to set up for your exam two to three days prior to test day.

  5. Do not try to cram the night before. It’s more important to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, especially if you have an early test.

  6. Try not to stress out too much! Take the time to de-stress if you are feeling anxious before the test.

Even though AP tests are far from normal this year, they can still be daunting, as the pressure to do well on these exams builds up all year long. Good luck, AP students!

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