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Falcon Flyer Staff 2022-2023


Avery Ducar is a Junior and 3rd-year Falcon Flyer member. She loves writing about AET, spotlights, and opinion pieces! Outside of the Falcon Flyer, she is in Spanish club, key club, and Spanish National Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys baking, volunteering, hanging out with friends and family, reading, and writing.

Avery Ducar


Corey Ostensen
Social Media Manager/Writer


Katie Payne Is a senior at north going into her third year of writing and editing for the flyer. Her favorite thing to write about are student life events at north. When she is not editing, you can catch her writing songs on the guitar, going for walks with her dog and cat, pumping iron, or looking for her new favorite song.

Katie Payne
Copy Editor/Writer

Corey Ostensen is a sophomore at Wheaton North. This is his second year working on the Falcon Flyer. Corey enjoys working on any article, but he really enjoys Staff Spotlight articles and book reviews. Outside of the Falcon Flyer, he is part of Model UN, Scholastic Bowl, Speech Team, Yearbook, Youth and Gov., and French Club. He enjoys reading, writing, baking, and hanging out with friends and family. 


Melody Elbel

Melody Elbel is a Senior.  She plays the sousaphone in the Marching band and she is also the President of the German Club. She also has a podcast and 2 comics published online.  In her spare time she likes to write songs, take pictures, do computer programming, and play guitar.


Angelina Grimm is a senior at Wheaton North this year. She enjoys participating in various activities and sports at school. She is very excited to leave and go to college next year. Angelina's favorite thing to write are interviews about different people. She also loves to paint her nails different colors. 

Angelina Grimm


Kristen Joyce Website Editor/Writer

Kristen Joyce is a Junior and a 1st-year writer for the Falcon Flyer. She likes having an outlet to write about her book opinions and is excited to write more articles on various topics. Outside of the Falcon Flyer, she is involved in Speech and Youth and Gov. During her free time, she loves reading books and watching romantic comedies.

Haley Troha is a Sophomore at Wheaton North. This is her second year of writing for the Falcon Flyer staff. Outside of Falcon Flyer, she participates in Scholastic Bowl, Set Crew, and Book Club. She enjoys reading (which is why she writes book reviews), drawing, and eating spicy food. 

Haley Troha


Mia Picciuca is a Junior and this is her first year writing for the Falcon Flyer. She is a part of yearbook club, where she mainly focuses on working on the people’s section. Additionally, she enjoys listening to music, and learning about music history. Mia is interested in writing an array of different article styles, but takes a special interest in music related topics. 

Mia Picciuca

Biography (Sep 13, 2022 at 9_14 PM).png

Ashlyn Kafer is a junior and a 1st-year writer for the Falcon Flyer. She loves writing music related articles and interview pieces. Outside of the Falcon Flyer, she is involved in Student Council, Key Club, and the Badminton team. In her free time, she can be found reading, listening to music, writing, and spending time with friends!

Ashlyn Kafer

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